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ID KategorieAbsteigend Kurzbeschreibung Version Typ Status Fortschritt
6 Default fix problem with PGDN/PGUP on detail page 1.10 Bug Geschlossen
14 Default fix index break with shinycovers false 1.10 Bug Geschlossen
22 Default dynamic font size on tvshow detail page 1.12 Feature Request Geschlossen
30 Default Issues with Sabish Skin relating to $homePage instead of $mjb.homePage 1.18 Bug Offen
3 Default update YAMJ version 1.12 Wish Offen
11 Default random episode tv show 1.10 Wish Geschlossen
19 Default problems with video_ts episodes tvshow 1.12 Bug Offen
27 Default Remove file name from the Trailer page 1.12 Feature Request Offen
8 Default redefined mod useable for tvshows only 1.10 Feature Request Geschlossen
16 Default problems with "BACK" button on redefined mod 1.10 Bug Offen
24 Default play from wall didnt work for files store on apache server 1.12 Bug Offen
5 Default fix problems with movies with ' in the title 1.10 Bug Geschlossen
13 Default dynamic title length 1.10 Feature Request Geschlossen
21 Default show tv plot on tv set page 1.12 Feature Request Geschlossen
29 Default pc menu links shown on tv detail page 1.18 Bug Geschlossen
2 Default prevent skin break with and large sets 1.10 Bug Geschlossen
10 Default non lowlist details and tvshow 1.10 Feature Request Offen
18 Default tv show season 10 or higher breaks the skin 1.12 Bug Geschlossen
26 Default Too many lines on lowlist brings the "By" from "Directed By" onto a new line 1.12 Bug Offen
7 Default check problem with trailer/bonus dont play 1.10 Bug Geschlossen


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